COVID-19/J&B FAQ April 02 2020



We've been getting a number of queries regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our business. So we thought we would answer the most frequent ones. 

How long will your store be closed for? 

We are in the same position as all clothing retailers in that we can only re-open when the Government gives us permission when it is safe to do so. We hope by June, but it could be as late as September.  

How can I buy items from you until then? 

From this online store - as long as we are allowed to - and we are still delivering worldwide where countries are still accepting deliveries. We have made all items 15% off in this period, with free delivery and returns for the U.K.

What I usually buy from you I can't find on your website?

We unfortunately don't offer everything we stock on our website. Sometimes this is due to lack of imagery or contractual reasons, but we are working hard to make more items available. Please contact us and will we do our very best to add it to our site. 

How can I contact you? 

It is best to contact us via, via our Facebook page on messenger or Instagram. Alternatively, you can call us on 016034242929, though our hours are limited 10.30 - 3.45 Mon - Friday and is subject to change. 

I only live up the road, can you let me in? 

No. Despite being internally manned for service of our website, our shop is closed to the public until it is safe to reopen. 

Are brands still sending deliveries to you? 

In most cases, we have had our SS20 deliveries in, so we have plenty of stock in most areas. The majority of brands have suspended deliveries as most stores have closed, but the situation is fluid. 

What about AW20 deliveries? 

This is a big unknown. Usually these would start in July, but much depends on how long the lockdown continues. The longer it lasts, many collections will either be delayed, downsized or cancelled as Brands may decide not to release collections in the current climate. 

What about SS21 Collections? How will you be able to view them? 

Most Collections are viewed in London, so much depends on how long the lockdown lasts for. Brands could use apps such as Zoom, or more likely, viewing will be delayed by a few months, with smaller collections available. 

Will you still be in business after Lockdown? 

Absolutely. We have an excellent relationship with all our brand partners who will continue to work with us in this unprecedented and challenging time. While the lockdown is a tremendous burden on all clothing retailers - especially Independents - we will still be here to service our increasingly multi channel based business. 

Please keep an eye on this website and social media for updates. Most importantly, stay safe!

J&B Team