Vaccine Passports for retail? April 06 2021

There has been much speculation following the PM's press conference on April 5th that Vaccine Passports are being considered for non essential retail, possibly as early as May. This would mean that you would not be able to enter premises if were not able to show that you had a vaccine, had recovered from COVID, or had a negative test within 48 hours. 

We would like to make it clear that we would never force any of our customers to provide this information. 

It is not the job of us - or any other retailers - to tell people how to live their lives and what choices they should make. We trust the public to use their common sense. If they are unwell and/or feel they have COVID symptoms, we trust they will use their judgement accordingly and keep at home. 

It has been a torrid time for retailers since the pandemic started, as the public have been unable to visit stores due to lockdown restrictions. Having further restrictions placed upon them will make their businesses struggle even further. 

Upon the re-opening of non-essential retail on April 12th, you can trust that our store will be COVID safe. Our staff have been fully vaccinated and our store will still be a safe environment to visit, but the choice to visit any store or not, or having a vaccination or not, is yours and yours alone and not the choice that any retailer should make or judge.