No Black Friday November 23 2022

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best service and selection all year round as an Independent retailer. We can do things which the larger players cannot do, whether that is offering better and personal service, wider sizing and selection off season and so forth. This philosophy has kept us in business since 1966 with the highest standards. 

However, this cannot be done in its entirety without constant financial investment. As a result, we do not participate in Black Friday.

We feel it is increasingly a con, with ridiculous discounts and 'Too good to be true' offers that are not quite what they seem. To take this path, would lead to devaluation of our brand, image, store and our retail partners, several whom we have worked with over decades and have utmost respect for. 

With the financial pressures that larger store groups have placed themselves under, it is not a game we wish to play, as the consumer eventually loses out.

So if you wish to see a healthy future for Independent retailers like ourselves, buy less, but buy well and avoid the mirage of Black Friday.