Lockdown V.3/Temporary Magdalen Road Store Closure - UPDATE December 24 2020

Due to the Lockdown announced by the Government, or Magdalen Road store has been closed since Boxing Day. This is very frustrating for us and our customers, but we are bound by law. We are expecting this to last until March or even April, with possible closures later in the year. Therefore it likely that being open will be the exception, rather than the rule for 2021. Let's hope this isn't the case. 

Some large retailers are stopping Click & Collect services, but we believe being a smaller retailer, we can still do this safely. Therefore we will keep this service open for as long as legislation allows it.

Our website will be functional 24/7 and we still be shipping worldwide while lockdown continues. We are taking telephone orders too. 

click & collect: 1000-1600 (Monday/Friday) 0900-1030 (Saturday)

enquiries: email@jandbmenswear.com

telephone enquiries/orders: 01603 424929

As in store vouchers are not able to be used online, please give us a call or email as you can use these on a pre order collection basis. 

We like to thank you for your support in what has been the most challenging years in modern times and one many wish they could forget. 

We all hope for better times ahead later in 2021. 

J&B Team